Ego Boosters and Other Things

Since its publication in Interzone 211, I have been hungrily searching for reviews of my story, particularly the positive ones. So far, my searches have been amply rewarded.

I felt like collecting the reviews here so that any time in future I felt particularly low about any of my writing projects, I could just re-read this post and get a boost.

Here goes:

Ahmed A. Khan's one-page short-short "Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres" delivers what it can reasonably promise given its concept and length, a playful piece on the slipperiness of genre boundaries, flitting from one to another between one sentence or paragraph and the next. In relating the simple story of a science teacher's vacation on the moon (that, of course, would be the science-fiction part), it tends toward the cute rather than the revolutionary, but the wry humor in the last bit made for a very satisfying cap to the tale. Tangent Online

...a rather sardonic piece Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres by Ahmed A. Khan, which tells a very short story, switching between genre conventions as it does so. Anthony G. Williams on his "Science Fiction and Fantasy" blog

Ahmed A. Khan’s 'Elevator Episodes' is a neat little trick, but depends on it's multi-genre gimmick rather than plot or character, hardly surprising given that it's only a thousand words long. Colin Harvey at "Suite101"

"Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres" by Ahmed A Khan: Short-short comedy with a nice punchline,and a serious point about the limitations of genre assignments. Londonkds blog at livejournal

Ahmed A. Khan's short piece gave me a good chuckle, too - and it's nice to see someone playing around with form in an SF context. Mike Alexander on the TTA Press forum

"Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres" by Ahmed A. Khan gave me a solid chuckle. Douglas Cohen - the Slushmaster at Realms of Fantasy - on his blog

Okay, that is for the ego-boost.

On other fronts, this weekend I went camping with my family and friends and had loads of fun in spite of a huge thunderstorm one night.


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