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Updated February 6, 2019

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Magic of the Rings is Temperamental - in "New Myths".
Gaia and the Art of Fighting Marine Oil Pollution - in "Ships and Soil".
Lateral Thinking for Writers - published in "T-Zero: The Writer's Ezine" in 2005, reprinted in "Writing World" and "Visions".
Non-verbal Communication: Fact or Fiction - in "Strange Horizons (2001) and also in "Visions" (Australia).
Two Solitudes: An Interview With James Alan Gardner - in "Absolute Write".
What Little Girls are Made of: An Interview With Tanya Huff - in "Strange Horizons".
Philosophy of Monotheism - published in "Ambitions".
Super Food of the Future - published in "My Doctor" (India), reproduced at "".
Is There Such a Thing as Destiny? - published in "Jackhammer", reproduced at "" under the pseudonym of Ahmed Mir.
Smell of Time - in "Suddenly Lost in Words", Oct. 2012.
Islamic Science Fiction - in "Nova-SF".
Future of Futuristic Fiction - in "NewMyths"



The Presonic Man - published in "Anotherealm", reprinted in "Antipodean", "GateWay S-F", "Ragged Edge Publishing", translated in Finnish and published in "Spin", translated in Lithuanian and published in "Dorados Raganos".
Day of Dust - appeared in "Anotherealm", "Science Today" (India), and in 2003, it was picked up to be included in FCAT Grade 8 Test Preparation Book, Science Content.
Death Wish - "Anotherealm", 2001.
The Maker Myth - published in "Anotherealm", reprinted in "GateWay S-F", "Kenoma" and "SF Canada"; story received some great comments on the "Analog" message board and recently, here on livejournal.
Thus Spake Bleerbo - in "EOTU", 2004.
The Meaning of Life and Other Clichés - published in "Anotherealm", 2005; Winner of the Higney Award; Shortlisted for the Parallax Award.
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - "Antipodean SF"
The Pulsar and The Planet - "Anotherealm", 2007.
Fault - in "Blazing Adventures" May 2008.
Angels - in "Anotherealm", July 2008.
Seventh Sense - "Anotherealm" Feb. 2006.
The End - "Anotherealm" March 2004.
Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres - "Interzone #211 (2007)" and "Redstone SF #2 (2010)"
The Golden Hind - "Anotherealm" (2015)
Reality - "Quantum Shorts"
Crecheworld - "Anotherealm" January 2017
How Tolkien Saved the World - ""Daily Science Fiction" March 18, 2019
My Demon - "Quantum Shorts" Dec. 11, 2019
Care to Try? - "Kanstellation" Issue #2, April 2020


A Piece of String - First published in "Murderous Intent", 1998, reprinted at "Cyber Oasis", Feb. 2001, much revised and reprinted in "Plan-B" - Vol II (2013)
Dr. Watson's Secret Diary
- "Cyber Oasis", July 2000.
The Con - in "Cyber Oasis"


Until The Shadow... - "Anotherealm", 2001.
See-Saw - "Anotheream", 2003.
MAZASH - "Anotherealm", 2003.
The Book of Pain - in "Titty Biscuits" (UK).
Hello Dolly - "Anotherealm" Dec. 2012.
Ever Ending - "With Painted Words" (2015)
Point, Counterpoint- "Riddled With Arrows" 2017
The Crystals of the Ebony Tower- "Anotherealm" January 2018
Aerodynamics- "Anotherealm" January 2019
Alternate Asgard - "Anotherealm" January 1, 2020


Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres
Thus Spake Bleerbo
My Girl Cindy



A Rational Journey Through Theology
Glimpses of Shia Islam
A Mosque Among the Stars
Another Mosque Among the Stars
Women in Islam
The System of Beliefs and Practices in Islam


The Best of Everything
Ali in the Book of Allah


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