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Updated February 6, 2019 Want to join me on facebook? Here is the link: Want to provide me feedback on any of stories or articles? Email me at ARTICLES Magic of the Rings is Temperamental - in "New Myths" . Gaia and the Art of Fighting Marine Oil Pollution - in "Ships and Soil" . Lateral Thinking for Writers - published in "T-Zero: The Writer's Ezine" in 2005, reprinted in "Writing World" and "Visions". Two Solitudes: An Interview With James Alan Gardner - in "Absolute Write" . Philosophy of Monotheism - published in "Ambitions" . Super Food of the Future - published in "My Doctor" (India), reproduced at "" . Is There Such a Thing as Destiny? - published in "Jackhammer", reproduced at "" under the pseudonym of Ahmed Mir. Smell of Time - in "Suddenly Lo

Sparks at Amazon

My book, Sparks, is now available for purchase at Amazon . Please check it out - and if you do buy it, email me your feedback at and I will post it on my blog.

SF Waxes Philosophical

The anthology, SF Waxes Philosophical, edited by me is now available from ZC Books . If you want to order a copy, contact ZC Books. It is a limited edition and will go soon.

Blogging the Qur'an

Just found out that "Guardian" is blogging the Qur'an on a regular basis. Should be an interesting blog to follow. The introduction is HERE and the actual blog link is HERE .

Live Journal

I have gone and joined the livejournal gang at .

Knock, Knock!

My story, "Knock, Knock!", published earlier in the Australian print magazine, Skive, has been reprinted in their sister mag, "Skiveflash", which is a webzine as well as a downloadable magazine for mobile phones and pdas. Here is the link to the story: Knock, Knock! .

Magic of The Rings

My critical essay, The Magic of the Rings is Temperamental , is now online at New Myths. Click on the link above, read the article and let me know what you think about it. ADDENDUM TO THE ARTICLE I have been receiving some very intelligent and interesting comments on my article and I plan to post excerpts from these comments right here as an addendum to the article. Those who enjoyed the article will definitely find enjoyment and information in these comments. "The serial publication of The Pickwick Papers was a hundred years before TLOTR was being written. Tolkien was addicted to reading and could easily have read it in his school library as a youth. I'll have to check if Snodgrass is anything like Fredegar Bolger, the fifth hobbit who stayed behind. (It's my personal theory that Neville Longbottom owes a lot in the last Harry Potter novel to Fatty Bolger and his resistance efforts on the home front while his pals were off in the wilderness.) But the clincher for the