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Updated March 27, 2018

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Magic of the Rings is Temperamental - in "New Myths".
Gaia and the Art of Fighting Marine Oil Pollution - in "Ships and Soil".
Lateral Thinking for Writers - published in "T-Zero: The Writer's Ezine" in 2005, reprinted in "Writing World" and "Visions".
Non-verbal Communication: Fact or Fiction - in "Strange Horizons (2001) and also in "Visions" (Australia).
Two Solitudes: An Interview With James Alan Gardner - in "Absolute Write".
What Little Girls are Made of: An Interview With Tanya Huff - in "Strange Horizons".
Philosophy of Monotheism - published in "Ambitions".
Super Food of the Future - published in "My Doctor" (India), reproduced at "".
Is There Such a Thing as Destiny? - published in "Jackhammer", reproduced at "" under the pseudonym of Ahmed Mir.
Smell of Time - in "Suddenly Lost in Words", Oct. 2012.
Islamic Science Fiction - in "Nova-SF".
Future of Futuristic Fiction - in "NewMyths"


The Presonic Man - published in "Anotherealm", reprinted in "Antipodean", "GateWay S-F", "Ragged Edge Publishing", translated in Finnish and published in "Spin", translated in Lithuanian and published in "Dorados Raganos".
Day of Dust - appeared in "Anotherealm", "Science Today" (India), and in 2003, it was picked up to be included in FCAT Grade 8 Test Preparation Book, Science Content.
A Piece of String - First published in "Murderous Intent", 1998, reprinted at "Cyber Oasis", Feb. 2001, much revised and reprinted in "Plan-B" - Vol II (2013)
Dr. Watson's Secret Diary
- "Cyber Oasis", July 2000.
Death Wish - "Anotherealm", 2001.
The Maker Myth - published in "Anotherealm", reprinted in "GateWay S-F", "Kenoma" and "SF Canada"; story received some great comments on the "Analog" message board and recently, here on livejournal.
Until The Shadow... - "Anotherealm", 2001.
See-Saw - "Anotheream", 2003.
MAZASH - "Anotherealm", 2003.
Thus Spake Bleerbo - in "EOTU", 2004.
The Meaning of Life and Other Clich├ęs - published in "Anotherealm", 2005; Winner of the Higney Award; Shortlisted for the Parallax Award.
The Book of Pain - in "Titty Biscuits" (UK).
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - "Antipodean SF"
The Con - in "Cyber Oasis"
The Pulsar and The Planet - "Anotherealm", 2007.
Fault - in "Blazing Adventures" May 2008.
Angels - in "Anotherealm", July 2008.
Seventh Sense - "Anotherealm" Feb. 2006.
The End - "Anotherealm" March 2004.
Hello Dolly - "Anotherealm" Dec. 2012.
Ever Ending - "With Painted Words" (2015)
Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres - "Interzone #211 (2007)" and "Redstone SF #2 (2010)"
The Golden Hind - "Anotherealm" (2015)
Reality - "Quantum Shorts"
Crecheworld - "Anotherealm" January 2017
Point, Counterpoint- "Riddled With Arrows" 2017
The Atavism Device - "Novelty Magazine" 2017
The Crystals of the Ebony Tower- "Anotherealm" January 2018


Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres
Thus Spake Bleerbo
My Girl Cindy



A Rational Journey Through Theology
Glimpses of Shia Islam
A Mosque Among the Stars
Another Mosque Among the Stars


Another Mosque Among the Stars

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sparks at Amazon

My book, Sparks, is now available for purchase at Amazon. Please check it out - and if you do buy it, email me your feedback at and I will post it on my blog.

Monday, September 22, 2008


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SF Waxes Philosophical

The anthology, SF Waxes Philosophical, edited by me is now available from ZC Books. If you want to order a copy, contact ZC Books. It is a limited edition and will go soon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogging the Qur'an

Just found out that "Guardian" is blogging the Qur'an on a regular basis. Should be an interesting blog to follow.

The introduction is HERE and the actual blog link is HERE.