Different color text, based on Jetse's suggestion. Also, a quote from Shakespeare has been added at the top. Click on the image to enlarge it and read the quote. I would like to thank Matt Hughes for pointing out the appropriateness of this quote to the theme of the anthology.


Luke said…
I think this one's better- the white text on the "busy" multicolored library background was kind of distracting.
Anonymous said…
Coooool. Well done!
Jetse de Vries said…
I think this is much better, too (but I would say that, right?).

And I like the quote: good suggestion from Matt.

This looks more and more like a collaboration on all levels.
Ahmed A. Khan said…
I agree, Jetse. The cover is turning out to be good. I posted a link to the cover on the SF Canada listserv and the almost unanimous response was that they would buy the book based just on that cover.

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