Indian Television Soaps

I don't know how many readers of my blog are interested in Indian TV but I have to go into a cathartic rant about it anyway.

Ekta Kapoor is the #1 producer of soaps telecast on Indian television networks like Zee, Sony, Sahara, Star Plus, etc. Some of her long-running and highly popular serials are: Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thhee, Kajjal, Kkusum, Kutumb, etc.

What's with all those K's? Ah! You noticed? K is her lucky letter. She is so much enamored with K that some of her serials begin with a totally unnecessary, un-phonetic (is there such a word?) double K.

Ekta Kapoor should be congratulated for doing a fantastic job of turning the minds of her viewers (mostly women) to mush.

If an alien ever tried to deduce about humanity from Ekta's soaps, this is what he, she or it would conclude:

1. Every one person in four will get total amnesia some time in life.

2. Every one man in five will go mad some time in life and his wife will bring him back to sanity.

3. Every one woman in three is a bitch.

4. Every one woman in three will have a total face change through plastic surgery. The change will be so complete that it will even change her height and voice.

5. Every woman thus changed is so stupid that she is not able to convince even her close family that she is who she is.

5. Every human (man, woman or child) is so stupid that he or she is not able to identify the woman with the altered face by checking through her past shared memories.

6. It is very difficult to sort out the relations: who is whose spouse and ex-spouse and friend and enemy - and why.

The list could go on but not without an upset stomach.


Anonymous said…
I added this blog to mine.

Ahmed A. Khan said…
Thank you for your comments and for adding my blog to I visited and found it a very interesting blog. You are now going to have another frequent visitor there.
Anonymous said…
Love your analysis of Indian TV -- but it raises one question. How is Indian TV different from US TV? Your analysis would fit in US TV just about as well as in India...or, probably, anywhere else. That brings us to an analysis of the TV viewer, regardless of race, creed, color, nationality or ethnicity...which is scary. No wonder the aliens have not landed here, or if they did, they were very quiet about it and tiptoed out as soon as possible.
-- Jean
abha said…
Hey loved your analysis, its so just forgot to mention one thing..all lead person will get married atleast 3 times and out of it once it will be to the enemy:)...
Ahmed A. Khan said…
Thanks, Abha. Liked your blog, too.

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