Meaning of Life and Other Clichés

The above story has been reprinted in the latest issue of "7th Dimension", in both print and web versions. Here is the link to the web version: Meaning of Life and Other Clichés.

Now, I hope the title of this post does not invite some spam. The other day, when I mentioned this story in another post, I received a spam comment from some person about a book he has written which objectively explains the meaning of life. Don't go looking for that comment. I deleted it. Hence, the meaning of life still remains a mystery.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Ahmed! Very cool!

(Er... the "Congratulations!" goes for the reprint, not for the spam. That is, unless you like spam.)

(Hey, somebody must like spam, right?)

(I mean, for example, don't Hawaiians like Spam?)

(And I'm pretty sure that Vikings like Spam, heh...)

(Anyway: Congratulations on the reprint!)
Ahmed A. Khan said…
You know what! Just a couple of days ago I commented upon the uses of spam in my livejournal blog at

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