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It has been ages since I updated my blog and therefore there is quite a bit of news to share:

1. My critical essay on Lord of The Rings, titled "The Magic of the Rings is Temperamental", will be appearing next month in the first issue of "New Myths" at NewMyths.com.

2. My story, "Synchronicity", has been published in Vulgata at www.vulgatamagazine.org. I am really happy about the publishing of this story because in spite of the fact that this is one of my stories that are very near and dear to my heart, I had a hard time placing it as this is one of those stories that don't seem to fit any known classification pigeon hole.

[As an added bonus, I have found 2 more editors to be added to my list of good editors: Scott Barnes of New Myths and Melinda Selmys of Vulgata.]

3. My story, "Knock, Knock", will be published in the December 2007 issue of Skive, a print magazine. In fact the editor, Matt Ward, informed me that the cover of the magazine is based on my story - and I loved that cover! Here is the link. Look for yourself: Skive Cover.


Luke said…
Someone's been busy.

If you have the chance, is there an ETA on SF Waxes Philosophical?
PaulC said…
Hi Ahmed,

Gorgeous cover art. I'd not been familiar with Skive magazine.

I just send off a dark fantasy short story, to a popular monthly. (It was just too odd to be regarded as SF, so . . . ) I've no idea what they'll think, but sure hope their Editor knows a lot about history.

I've not forgotten "Muslims in SF." Turns out I'll have 5 days off, around the upcoming American holiday Thanksgiving, so I'll do some more work on my story.
Ahmed A. Khan said…
Thanks for your comments, Luke and Paul.

Luke: About SF Waxes Philosophical, I have been delayed a little but I am trying my best to get it out within the next 3 weeks.

Paul: I am looking forward to your story.
Luke said…
Thanks, Ahmed. I'm looking forward to it in anxious anticipation. :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Ahmed, for having "The Magic of the Rings is Temperamental" welcomed by NewMyths.com. Congratulations, too, for having "Knock, Knock" welcomed by Skive. Needless to say, it's a great honor to have one's story selected as the inspiration for a work of cover art. I'm pleased that you like the art itself!

Special congratulations for having "Synchronicity" accepted for publication. When I first started seriously writing, I promised myself that I'd never compromise on my integrity -- that is, I'd only write what I wanted to write and I'd only submit what I judged to be worth reading. No potboilers, I promised myself; no hackwork. That said, I have to admit that while most of my stories satisfy me on an aesthetic or an intellectual level, a few I consider spiritually fulfilling, and whenever one of these latter stories is accepted... well, goodness, I'm just overjoyed. It's as if I've found a kindred spirit in the editor, you know? At any rate, many congratulations to you, and congratulations to Vulgata Magazine, too -- they're fortunate to be able to offer such a tale!

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