Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Writerly Work

Found some new genre and mainstream markets through Duotrope ( and submitted 8 stories (7 reprints and 1 original) to 8 venues - the breakdown of the stories being: 1 SF, 2 fantasies, 2 mysteries and 3 mainstream.


John Gilbert said...

Ahmed, I admire how you keep finding new venues. That is a great trait.

One of my very favorite author sites to look at, just because of the huge and varied bibliography he has, is Stephen D. Rodger's site. Look at this bibliography page; you might find a publisher you have missed before:

Take care Ahmed, and have a good Ramadan.

John Gilbert

Ahmed A. Khan said...

Thank you, John, for your comment, and for the link to Stephen Roger's bibliography. It is indeed quite exhaustive.

Sean M. Foster said...

Best of luck with the submissions, Ahmed!

Ahmed A. Khan said...

Thanks, Sean.