Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Anthology Call from Moi

While the current anthology that I was editing, "SF Waxes Philosophical", undergoes preparation to be published in November, I have been commissioned to do another anthology.

Mohammad Aurangzeb Ahmad is a freelance writer and doctoral student in Computer Science. He created and maintains what is probably the most extensive resource on the subject of "Islam and SF" - Muslims Writing Science Fiction.

He has asked me to co-edit an anthology of SF stories that feature Islam or at least one Muslim character in a positive light. He feels that at these times when Islam and Muslims are being negatively stereotyped, an anthology of this kind would be a good idea. And I agree.

So here is the call:

Theme: As above.

Genre: SF or fantasy. No horror, please.

Length: Any

Reprints: Okay.

Simultaneous Submissions: No

Deadline: January 31, 2008

Rights: One time anthology rights

Send submissions as .doc or .rtf attachments to

Payment: Oh yes! This time, the authors will be paid, though the payment will be nominal - 1 cent per word, with a minimum of $10 and maximum of $40 + a contributor's copy. The payment will be upon publication.

Meanwhile, call for the other anthology that I was planning, i.e. on the theme of communication barriers, will probably go out in a couple of weeks.

Hoo boy! Am I going to be busy!


Sean M. Foster said...

Wow. That's very cool. I've always been of the opinion that science fiction and Islam mesh wonderfully, so I see a lot of promise in this project. And, of course, there's a great history of fantastic tales that incorporate Islamic themes...


For better or for worse, I've been wrestling with a few pieces recently, so I'm not sure whether I myself will be able to craft a satisfying submission by the deadline. I'm going to try, though! One way or the other, please allow me to wish both you, Ahmed, and Mr. Ahmad the very best with regards to this anthology. I hope that it realizes your vision!

(And thanks for pointing out Mr. Ahmad's website -- I'd never come across it! Glad to see that you yourself are mentioned over there...)

Ahmed A. Khan said...

Thank you for your comments, Sean. I hope you are able to submit something to the anthology.

agilebrit said...

This isn't apropos of this entry, but I had to tell you I just read your story "The Maker Myth" and LOVED it. Simply fabulous.

S. E. Ward said...

You know, I've got a dark fantasy story I published a few years ago in which the main character is a very devout Muslim, as well as a vampire. The story stemmed from the idea, "What would happen if, in order to live, someone had to do something in outright contradiction to his faith?" The basic idea got a bit lost in the final story, but it's overall a good'un, and the MC is a good man, though not a perfect one. Like I said, it's dark fantasy, bordering on horror. (I don't class it as such, though it appeared in ChiZine.)

Would you be interested in seeing it? I don't want to waste your time by submitting something closer to horror than you're interested in. :) Time is a scant enough resource these days, and putting together an anthology can only make it rarer indeed.

Ahmed A. Khan said...

In response to S.E. Ward: Sure, send the story.