Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Submissions update

Of the 12 stories in circulation, I received one acceptance (the one from Mindflights, reported earlier). Two stories came back home. I patted their heads and sent them out in the wide world again. So now I have 11 stories in circulation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ahmed: Hello! I have been trying to post on AR about how much I enjoyed your delightful "Pulsar and the Planet' story, but I can't seem to get on no matter what I do. Anyway, it was a wonderful story -- it would take you to think up the idea of a planet as a huge jewel, and then add a sweet romance. Thanks for an intriguing and enjoyable read!
-- Jean

Ahmed A. Khan said...

Hi, Jean. Thank you very much for your comments. As Gary once said about his Gavin McCue stories - if everyone liked my stories the way you do, I would probably be able to give up my day job. And win some Hugos too. :)